Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Again, He Had Nothing To Do With It But Obama Takes Credit

BizPac Review -- President Barack Obama is making a major public relations blitz to highlight his legacy, including tying falling reliance on foreign oil to his green energy policies. Obama claimed the U.S. “traded foreign oil for clean energy,” but what he should have said is the U.S. traded foreign oil for hydraulic fracturing. Green energy had little to do with it.

University of Colorado-Boulder professor Roger Pielke, Jr. was quick to call out the president for trying to claim “clean energy” was responsible for cutting U.S. oil imports. Pielke’s right. Americans used more oil and petroleum products in 2016 compared to 2009.

When Obama took office in January 2009, the U.S. consumed more than 590 million barrels of oil, according to Energy Department data. The country used more than 608 million barrels of crude oil in October 2016.

On a more fundamental level, Obama’s tweet cites the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) “net” oil imports figure of 4.7 million barrels per day in 2015, compared to 11.1 million in 2008.

EIA gets its net oil imports figure by subtracting oil exports for imports. So the figure is falling because we’re exporting way more oil than before thanks to booming domestic energy production from hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling into shale formations.

Obama doesn’t mention fracking in his tweet, but that’s probably because his administration has put out regulations for companies using the drilling technique on federal lands. The Obama administration has also imposed regulations on methane emissions from oil and natural gas production.

The fracking boom occurred almost entirely on state and private lands, not federal lands. Obama’s had little to do with booming oil and gas production.
Blog Author's Comments -- Obama is a loser. He did nothing but try to destroy America. It's really too bad that with eight years in office he could have done so much to make America a much better and safer country. Unfortunately he did noting but divide, divide, and divide some more. His legacy is a disgrace. I assume he is proud of himself. Obama, don't be delusional and think you did anything worthwhile. He is very easy to predict, if it improved, he did it. If it worsened, it was because of Bush or the GOP.

Obama believes he can still say anything regardless of the truth and the mainstream media will just repeat it as gospel. And in most cases this is correct. But, even some of the low-information people are finally beginning to catch on. Obama will be taking credit for Ford not building a plant in Mexico and staying in the US and creating more jobs, but this is all because of Trump not Obama.

And more of the Harvard math Obama likes to use. Like the 95 million people unemployed out of 320 million employable comes to 4.6% unemployment in America. Funny how more job losses lower the unemployment rate in Obama's and the leftist’s world. There are just 16 days and counting you pathetic, treasonous, belligerent, corrupt and arrogant disgrace of a president. Pack your stuff and remove yourself from the White House and our lives.

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