Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Few Of Obama's Scandals - Valerie Jarrett Said They Were Scandal Free

According to a founding father of progressivism, if you repeat a lie frequently enough, it becomes accepted as the truth. The laughable lie that Obama’s miserable presidency was free of scandals was most recently repeated by his handler Valerie Jarrett. But it won’t be accepted as the truth so long as people remember any of these:

1. Operation Fast and Furious.

2. Benghazi.

3.The IRS targeted conservative organizations.

4.The DOJ seized Associated Press phone records as well as phone and email records from Fox News reporter James Rosen.

5.The NSA conducted mass surveillance against American citizens without a warrant.

6.The Obama administration paid ransom to Iran for hostages, and lied to the American people about it.

7.Hillary’s email scandal.

8.The Environmental Protection Agency poisoned a Colorado river.

9.The EPA also broke federal law in promoting a regulation.

10.The GSA scandal.

11.The Secret Service scandal.

12.The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) placed veterans on secret waiting lists so agency executives could enrich themselves with bonuses.

13.The Department of Energy (DOE) fired one of their chief scientists because she advocated for a program that would divert money from Obama’s Climate Action Plan.

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Valerie Jarrett Says Obama's Administration Has Been Scandal-Free

Blog Author's Comments -- Okay, but except for these the Obama Administration was relatively scandal free? This is a laughable lie that Obama’s miserable presidency was free of scandals. It was free of scandals in the sense of consequences and accountability for them. And the guy who told us where Bin Laden was is still in a Pakistani prison, but all this time the Democrats want the voters to believe that the Obama administration took him out on their own.

If a tree falls in the forest and there's nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound? Similarly, if a Democrat administration has a scandal and the media doesn't report on it, did the scandal really occur? You can add to that list hundreds of unconstitutional Executive Orders none of which the useless Republican controlled Congress opposed him on.

That and the trillions in new debt we now have since he took office. But the Progressive RINO Republicans own a big chunk of this debt thanks to John Boehner and Paul Ryan with an assist from Mitch McConnell. This is just a small portion of the corruption during the 8 years of the Obama presidency. But, I and many other Americans believe the way our government functions will change dramatically after Donald J. Trump and his administration assume full control.

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