Thursday, December 1, 2016

75-Year-Old Detroit Man Delivers The Taxpayer Relief Shot

Washington Free Beacon -- A 75-year-old Detroit man is alive, one suspected intruder is dead, and another is at large after a home invasion on Friday.

The man told police that he heard a noise at his home’s back door around 3 a.m. on Friday. Two men broke an exterior window to gain access to the home and then used a crowbar to break into an interior door. When the homeowner went to investigate he found the two men standing in his kitchen.

“He ended up firing two shots, striking one of the suspects,” Officer Dan Donakowski told the Detroit News. “Both suspects attempted to flee on foot, but the one that was hit collapsed in the backyard and was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Police said the suspects in the break-in were between the ages of 16 and 18 but did not release the identity of anyone involved in the ordeal. One community leader described the homeowner’s actions as a justifiable case of self-defense.

“These two young males presented imminent danger and the homeowner protected himself,” the local community security chairman told ABC affiliate WXYZ. “There’s no reason for anyone to violate the rights of senior citizens, women, children and try to break into a home.”

Police said the homeowner was cooperating with their investigation and they don’t plan to file any charges.
Blog Author's Comments -- I say good for the home owner who did what he should do. The 'suspects' were between 16 and 18, and it was 3 AM. If the parents can be found, charge them as accomplices. To the wannabe thugs out there, never presume that the old guy you see working in his yard is an easy mark. He may have been a combat vet in his younger days or a life long hunter and firearms marksman and a genuine bad ass.

Today, he may not be as fast as he once was, he may not see as well as he could but he still has a very devious mind. He knows his way around his home in pitch dark. He knows the sounds his house makes and knows the smell of someone who is not supposed to be there. Trust me, wannabe thug, you do not want to raise that old guys ire. He can kill you and you will never see him. The column stated that: “There’s no reason for anyone to violate the rights of senior citizens, women, children and try to break into a home.” What? It should have been written as "There's no reason for anyone to violate the rights of ANYONE and try to break into a home."

I am more than glad that we now have Donald Trump as our next president for 4-8 years, and he will be able to put Justices on the Supreme Court who should judge according to the Constitution. That means one of the very important rights we now have, which is the right to bear arms will remain a right, and many people now have their concealed carry permit. If Hillary Clinton had been elected this is one right that may have been changed within the coming years.

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