Friday, November 4, 2016

Hillary Tweets About Respecting The Law The
Same Week She Comes Under FBI Investigation

GP -- Hillary tweeted on Thursday -- "We are safer when everyone has respect for the law." This is the same week the FBI announced she is under numerous criminal investigations. This 'crooked' woman has a ton of audacity and total disrespect for the law!

Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary Clinton believes the laws are for the rest of us but not for her. I think she is so delusional, and has conducted herself and her lawless actions so long, that she believes she is above the law. We shall see if the majority of voters in this country think the same way. She lives a life of deception and trickery. Unfortunately, she isn't a harmless variety of delusional. She is a very, almost frightening, unstable person, and we the people need to stop this train wreck on Tuesday. Hillary Clinton has had absolutely no respect for the law since the 1970's. She's been a crook, a criminal, a con her entire adult life. From Whitewater to Benghazi, to the private server Email scandal, the Clinton Foundation, it's been an endless barrage of lies and criminal activity.

This is the final test for America to make a move to actually save our country and control our destiny. With the election of 2016 we will have to deliver ourselves from the danger and harm of a Clinton presidency, and if we do not get it right and vote for Donald Trump there is no do-over. We will live under the laws made by the Democratic Party for the rest of our lives. Clinton deserves a long stretch in a federal prison. If she somehow wins the election of 2016, she will get away with everything that she is truly guilty of. This is our opportunity to do something about her, and give Donald J. Trump the chance to change the corrupt government we now have and 'Make America Great Again'.

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