Thursday, November 3, 2016

Political Videos & Links To Political News...

Bret Baier Reports FBI Sources Say "Likely Indictment" In Hillary
Clinton "Pay-To-Play" Foundation Scandal Unless Obstructed By DOJ

Two Terabyte Drive With Clinton White
House Emails Missing From
National Archives

Going High? Hillary Screams That Trump
Supporters Are "Dark, Divisive, And Dangerous"

FBI Finds Emails Related To Hillary Clinton's
State Department Tenure
On Weiner Laptop

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway
Five Days Out: "We Are Going To Win"

Tim Kaine Doesn't Think Congress Has
The Power To Impeach
Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Ad On Hillary Clinton...'Unfit'

More Proof The White House, Obama Lied
About Knowledge Of Clinton's Private
Email Server

Trump: 'We've Got To Be Nice And Cool'

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