Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lou Dobbs: If I Were Trump My Hands
Would Have Been Around Paul Ryan’s Neck

GP -- Donald Trump flew to Washington DC on Thursday to meet with President Obama, Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Paul Ryan was a very vocal critic of Donald Trump for the past year. Ryan even pulled his endorsement of Donald Trump a month before the election. If Ryan was not on Hillary’s payroll he should have been.

Tonight Lou Dobbs remarked on Trump’s meeting with anti-Trump Speaker Paul Ryan.

Lou Dobbs: I’ve got to tell you I’m such a base and petty man that if Paul Ryan had done to me what he did to Donald Trump my hands would, without any power to resist it all, would be clutching at his throat. And, I have to say, Donald Trump was very presidential. He actually may be seeking to attain the level of saint here in what he has tolerated.

Blog Author's Comments -- Lou Dobbs has been one of the most pleasant, reassuring, patriotic and right on target people in the media through all of this. Paul Ryan is a traitor and should definitely step down. He deserves no place within the Trump government. But, many of his buddies in the House, which includes many Democrats, will vote him in again as the Speaker. Being appointed Speaker has gone to Ryan's head; he believes he is someone he is not.

Ryan did all that he could to wreck the Trump train to the White House. Those of us who follow the political culture in Washington know what Ryan is and that he cannot be trusted. As long as he is still Speaker of the House, the establishment still has some control over the legislative and political process. I do hope there is a plan in motion behind the scenes to unseat him as the speaker soon. I don't think Donald Trump has forgotten those who attempted to take him down and out of his race to the presidency.

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