Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Vote Donald Trump And Mike Pence -- Make America Great Again

Blog Author's Comments -- The election of 2016 is the most important election in my lifetime. If we don't get it right and Hillary Clinton is the president, the people that have not been following her political career and life for the past 30 years will finally realize that this woman should not be in the Oval Office or anywhere near the White House. But, if she is elected, there is no do-over folks. The irreparable damage will have been done.

She will continue what Barack Hussein Obama has started but on steroids. She will have more ammunition by being able to place at least three Justices or more on the Supreme Court, of the same leftist mindset as the two Obama put on the high court. Much of the Constitution will be rewritten and that is because neither Clinton nor at least four Justices do not govern by it the way they are supposed to now. Hillary has proven herself to be the most corrupt, lawless, crooked person to ever run for the office of president. I do not want her to govern America.

All this talk about polling data and using the standard historical, traditional ways of judging a campaign I think are different because Donald Trump doesn’t come from the political world. Trump doesn’t have a policy record. He doesn’t have fingerprints on anything that’s going well or badly in the country. So there is nothing that Trump, as the Republican nominee, can be tied to policy-wise. That’s why a campaign of personal destruction is occurring on Trump, because there’s no other way to go about him and defeat him.

In addition, all of the fingerprints on all the policy stuff -- in other words, all of the fingerprints on all the stuff going wrong are Democrat fingerprints, Obama, Hillary. Anybody who thinks we’re in trouble, it’s the Democrats. Trump has nothing to do with it. So this election is going to come down to just how many Americans are fed up with the status quo as defined by the establishment, comprised of Republicans and Democrats, political professionals running the country.

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