Thursday, October 20, 2016

Voters Election Guide - On November 8, 2016 Vote For Donald J. Trump

Blog Author's Comments -- Donald Trump caused controversy at last night's debate when he declined to say he would accept the results of the election, saying he would keep the country in “suspense.”

I maintain to you, folks, that they are still paranoid and scared to death of Donald Trump in this campaign. This reaction that they're all having to this is so out of proportion to what he said. All he said was, 'We're going to wait and see.' It's a commonsense answer to a question.

Who stands in the way of purging dead people from the voter rolls? The Democrat Party. Who is it that is, as we speak, finagling in certain American cities, looking for a way to register illegal aliens to vote? It's the Democrat Party. Who is it along with the mainstream media that says that requiring a voter I.D. is racist and an attempt to keep blacks from voting? The Democrat Party.

Trump's Instincts Served Him Very Well
By Saying He May Contest Election Results

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