Monday, October 10, 2016

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Donald J. Trump
Why I'm Running For President

Trump, Before Debate, Appears With Bill Clinton's Accusers

Nigel Farage Calls Trump
Comments 'Alpha Male Boasting'

Newt Gingrich: GOP Bedwetters Now Have 'Egg On Face'

Trump To Hillary:
You'd Be In Jail If I Were President

Nancy Pelosi Assures Us Bill Clinton's Rapes Are In The Past And Not An Issue

Bill O'Reilly Takes Down The Justice Department,
The FBI & Hillary Clinton With The Help Of Jay Skulow

Shock And Awe As Trump Takes A Flamethrower To Hillary At Debate

Trey Gowdy Handles Smug Prosecutor "Your Either
Missing My Point Inadvertently Or Intentionally"

Trump Rocks Clinton Machine With Epic Second Debate Throwdown

CNN: 'Really Damaging Stuff' In
Clinton's Leaked Wall Street Speeches

State Dept. And White House Coordinated To 'Crush' Clinton Email Coverage

Rhino Republicans Call For
Donald Trump To Step Aside

Blog Author's Comments -- In my humble but quite valuable opinion, Donald Trump kicked 'Crooked' Hillary's ass last night. Now, if the GOP can somehow prove to it's base that they are not gutless and finally get behind Trump for the stretch run. If not, they will be joining all the media who have been trying to take Trump down and deal the final death blow to America.

Yuge Win! Trump 'Triumphed Unbelievably' At Second Debate

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