Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Media/Democratic Post-Debate 'Talking Point': Donald Trump Is A
'Dictator' Because He Wants To Put His 'Political Opponent' In Jail

Short Video From Second Presidential Debate

Trump To Clinton: If I Was In
Charge,You Would Be In Jail

During the debate, Hillary Clinton criticized Donald Trump saying, “It’s awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump isn’t in charge of law in this country”.

Trump responded, “Because you’d be in jail”.

It earned the biggest cheer of the night from the people in the audience and an immediate caution from Anderson Cooper not to be cheering or making noise during the debate.

But it was immediately spun by media as a ‘dictatorial’ move by Trump, planning to jail a ‘political opponent’. Stunningly, media and prominent Democrats seemed to have the same talking point, down to the similar language. One has to think the memo went out…

Just a few of the many liberal media/journalists
who have tweeted their agreement for Clinton.

Paul Krugman, liberal columnist for the New York Times: Let's be clear: a candidate for president promised to put his opponent in jail if he wins. Everything else is secondary.

Jennifer Rubin, liberal columnist for The Washington Post: Threatening to jail his opponent is the final nail...nothing else registers. She continues to pull away.

Andrea Mitchell, liberal reporter/commentator for NBC News: Trying to get my head around a candidate declaring if he wins he'll get Justice Dept. to appoint a special prosecutor to lock up opponent.

Kurt Eichenwald, liberal journalist for Newsweek and Vanity Fair: Anyone who says during the election that they will try to get their opponent put into prison if elected is not fit to be president. Period.
Blog Author's Comments -- Donald Trump's comment was a good comeback to what Hillary Clinton said. If he were the president with his own Department of Justice, I do believe he would have had his department pursue charges against her for what she is no doubt guilty of and what Obama and his AG Loretta Lynch have covered up and let slide. But, at this time, if he should win the presidency, Obama will still be in office for almost two months before Trump would take the oath of office as president. This is plenty of time for Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton for all of her lawlessness and illegalities during her time as a Senator and Secretary of State.

As for the American media, they are all liberals and obviously backing Hillary Clinton. Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are the only media people that I can listen to some of the time. What’s missing, of course, in this clueless pundit reaction, is why the people cheered and what Trump was saying...that in a country where the rule of law mattered, where it wasn’t Obama in charge, yes, given the crimes you committed you Hillary would be in jail. This comment wasn’t attacking democracy or the rule of law, but talking about how Clinton and the Obama regime have basically ignored it.

The cheer wasn’t about ‘dictatorship’, but the desire to return to the rule of law that has fallen badly under the reign of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Now in the USSA, the DOJ, the White House, even IRS protect Hillary and Obama from U.S. law. Every 'investigation' was a red herring from the start. The FBI and DOJ bosses took bribes from the very people they were charged to investigate. Yet all the media can talk about is Trump using the word "Pussy" in a 'locker room banter' type conversation eleven years ago. That, without his knowledge, was being recorded. And the media weigh this against all the 'Criminal' activity and lies etc. that Hillary has been involved in over the past 30 years.

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