Friday, October 21, 2016

Believe Me - Not Voting For Donald Trump Is Not An Option!

We Must Vote For Donald Trump,
Hillary Clinton Cannot Be The Next President

Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary Clinton Is Not Fit To Be President!
1) She’s responsible for Benghazi. There have been endless Benghazi investigations and if you believe the mainstream media, you’d think nothing came out of them. However, we did learn that over 600 requests were made for more security. In the end, four men died and Ambassador Chris Stevens’ body was dragged through the street because Hillary Clinton never acted to safeguard their lives.

2) She hasn’t accomplished anything. What her fans don’t want to admit is that despite her mediocre tenure in the Senate and as Secretary of State, her real “accomplishments” are being married to Bill Clinton and being female. Take those two “non-accomplishments” away from her and she wouldn’t be in the top 1,000 people considered to be president.

3) She’s a liar’s liar. Merely calling Hillary Clinton a “liar” makes her sound too much like an ordinary politician. To the contrary, Hillary lies about everything. She lies about the big stuff, the little stuff and everything in-between. Nobody expects politicians to be as scrupulously honest as pastors, but how can you vote for someone who’s so dishonest you can’t ever take anything she says at face value?

4) She belongs in jail. In America, no one is supposed to be “above the law.” Not you, not me, not the president of the United States. Yet, if Hillary Clinton doesn’t go to jail over having classified emails sent to her private server, it will be purely for political reasons. She knew what she was doing was highly illegal from day one. Not only are there people in jail for doing less than she has, any normal person with a government security clearance who did what she did would expect to go to jail if he were caught. How can anyone be okay with voting for someone to be President who would be in jail if she weren’t married to a former president and running for office herself?

5) She is utterly corrupt. Under Clinton's leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton-led State Department also authorized $151 billion of separate Pentagon-brokered deals for 16 of the countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation. The State Department formally approved these arms sales even as many of the deals enhanced the military power of countries ruled by authoritarian regimes whose human rights abuses had been criticized by the department.

This does not even come close to all the crooked and corrupt deals she has been involved in and we will probably never know everything she has done during the decades she has spent as a politician. With Obama in office, Hillary will never be investigated and prosecuted for what she’s done, but she deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison. If Donald Trump wins the presidency, before he assumes office, President Obama during his last months in office will pardon Hillary for all of her crimes.

WikiLeaks - This is a news feed that Hillary does not want you to see or read.
For those who do no know, this was founded by Julian Assange and it is an international non-profit journalistic organization that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified documents from many sources. Most of the information is provided by 'hackers' and 'crackers' and has been proven to be extremely accurate. They have dumped well over a thousand pages dealing with the crooked and criminal behavior of Hillary Clinton, her campaign staff, her confident Podesta and Obama.

If one does not spend some time listening to talk radio or do not have a few of the larger bloggers from which they learn the political news, but view, listen to and believe what the mainstream media, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC provides, there is a real probability they do not know much about the actual documents being provided by WikiLeaks. The MSM will not cover what has been uncovered with regard to Hillary Clinton. So the voter goes to the polls uneducated.
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