Wednesday, September 21, 2016

'Sleep Well Hillary!': Trump Comments On Clinton Campaign Break

InfoWars -- GOP nominee Donald Trump is hoping his opponent Hillary Clinton has a nice rest during her days off.

On Tuesday, the Republican presidential candidate mocked the former First Lady’s six-day break via Twitter, saying, “she needs the rest.”

"Hillary Clinton is taking the day off again, she needs the rest. Sleep well Hillary, see you at the debate!"

Trump’s comments come as Hillary’s campaign schedule appeared bizarrely Hillary-less for the next six days with less than 50 days to go before the election.

Hillary was set to return to the campaign trail next Monday at the first presidential debate, according to, however her schedule was updated to add a campaign stop in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday, September 21.

The former secretary of state had already taken several days off in the past weeks after her campaign announced she would rest due to a bout of pneumonia.

Trump has made it a point throughout the campaign to call attention to the Democrat nominee’s stamina, or lack thereof.

Trump: Hillary Just Wants To Go Back Home And Go To Sleep

Blog Author's Comments -- I don't see Hillary campaigning much at all. Oh, sure, I see every other high level Democrat out on the campaign trail, including the President and his wife, campaigning for her on her behalf, but no Hillary. She is not working because she's been 'promised' the election by the power elite, and she believes she'll get into office one way or another. Crooked Hillary could not care less about you or me or any other American citizen.

Lately, Hillary Clinton appears to be ready to assume room temperature. She looks heavily medicated for whatever reason. The woman is a mess. How did they spin it on the news this morning, "debate prep?" Apparently, the smartest and most qualified candidate ever, the one that has been intimately involved in all things politics for three decades, needs to practice her answers to the debate questions she has already been provided with, and don't doubt me on this. Anyone who is politically educated has to see what America will become if Hillary would win the presidency. If Donald Trump is not our next president we are in very serious trouble.

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