Thursday, September 22, 2016

Audio From The Rush Limbaugh Radio Show...

'Sad Observation': Rioting Is Almost Expected Now

If Hillary Loses, Chicago 1968 Is
Going To Look Like Romper Room

People Are Now Realizing That
The "NFL Can Easily Be Turned Off!"

Blog Author's Comments -- I just want the Republicans out there, you establishment people who even now keep saying that you believe the American people want bipartisanship. Maybe they do. But the people that they are going have to be bipartisan with are the Democrats who want no part of it. And I see Hillary as literally in a time capsule stuck back in the 1990's. I look at Hillary, I listen to her, I look at her campaign strategy, and it's old, it's worn out, it's predictable, just as she is. This is why Donald Trump is making his move. For those of us who want a better government and country than we now have, this our last chance, there is no do-over; Trump has to win a huge victory for himself and especially us.

In the second term of the first Black President rioting is the new normal, and I don't ever see this changing. The rioters enjoy what they do. They look for any excuse to riot, smash, steal and burn. Until the police are free to stop this in any way they can, which will probably never happen, this will never end. Meanwhile the thugs are enjoying themselves, but do not realize how they look to the average law abiding American.

As for the NFL players, who have life so tough because they are black, and now refuse to stand for our National Anthem and are making millions of dollars playing a game. What can I say? Perhaps they don't realize how good they have it. But, I believe that they are showing everyone what fools they are, making asses of themselves, their team, the team owners and the NFL commissioner.

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