Thursday, September 29, 2016

Politically Oriented Videos...Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & FBI's Comey

Jim Jordan (R-OH) Gets FBI Director To
Confirm Cover Up Of Evidence Tampering

Hillary Clinton Is Unable To
Win This Election On Her Own

Trump Was Absolutely Right, Hillary Called
TPP "The Gold Standard Of Trade Deals"

Great American PAC, New
Trump Ad "Your Voice"

Congress Votes Overwhelmingly To Override
Obama Veto Against Justice For 9/11 Families

Trump To Black Voters:
"What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?"

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Awkward Questions For Hillary About Bill Clinton's Women

Judge Napolitano: It Appears FBI Was Told To Exonerate Hillary 'At All Costs'

MSNBC: Hillary Campaign Concerned About Getting Her 'Enough Rest'

Obama - More Harm For Our Country, Give Ownership Of The Internet To The UN

Hillary Clinton Secretly Signaled Moderator During Debate

'Crooked' Hillary Clinton

Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary Clinton comes up with some allegation about Donald Trump and the media, like lapdogs, will run with it, because it's coordinated. You have to be able to watch this stuff and discern that, to understand it, to not doubt it. Eight times out of 10, it's exactly what is happening.

Democrats are corrupting agents. There is nothing sacred. There's nothing. There's no loss of life, there's no accident, there is no event that they will not exploit for political gain!

Whatever is going on in this country right now, you cannot blame any of it on Donald Trump, including Iraq and the Iraq War. Hillary Clinton? You can attach her to almost everything that's happened in this country, particularly the last eight years, and when she was a senator.

We are going to find out in November how many American voters actually think it might be time to try a genuine outsider. As Donald Trump said during one of his talks with the African-Americans, "What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?"

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