Monday, August 1, 2016

Widow Of Benghazi Hero Calls Out Hillary Clinton In Powerful Ad...

Widow Of Benghazi Hero Calls
Out Clinton In Political Ad

Via: Sean Hannity -- A new ad by Great America PAC is taking aim at Hillary Clinton's handling of the 2012 attack in Benghazi that left four Americans dead. The ad, entitled "The Difference", features Dr. Dorothy Woods, the wife of slain Navy SEAL Ty Woods.

"My husband Ty Woods was a Navy SEAL and a fierce patriot," the ad begins. "He was killed during the attack in Benghazi while defending Americans under the charge of our state department. When Hillary Clinton was challenged by congress on who was to blame for the attack her response was a disgrace."

The ad goes on to show the now-infamous "what difference does it make" comment the former Secretary of State made in front of a congressional hearing.

"The difference is that while most families are reunited, some make the ultimate sacrifice," Dr. Woods continues. "The difference is having accountability. The difference is being truthful to the American people."
Blog Author's Comments -- Clinton's comment "what difference does it make?" Most certainly should have disqualified her from any office in the American government, putting an end to her pathetic career. I hope the ad will resonate with college age women who Hillary is aggressively courting. It worries me that many fools will vote for Hillary just because it's a historic occasion of being able to vote for a woman for President. It worked out so well when the ignorant people voted for Barack Hussein Obama - twice.

That little tantrum defines her more than anything else I've seen. Untruthful, spiteful, mean-spirited, uncaring, and disrespectful of the nation she was serving and the men who died defending it. I still find it incomprehensible that this vile person could still be a viable candidate for the highest office in the world. That statement should have sealed her political fate, but it says a lot about many of our fellow citizens, absolute unthinking, and political morons! In any nation with any kind of integrity in its media anyone who ever gave such a response would be finished in politics, but not the chosen Hillary. She is an ongoing national disgrace. Dr. Dorothy Woods should receive a standing ovation.

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