Friday, July 29, 2016

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Donald Trump's 'Sarcastic' Russia Comment Basically Said We
Don't Believe You. We Still Think There's A Lot Of Dirt In Those
Emails And It Would Be Very Damning If Anybody Found Them.

Blog Author's Comments -- One tongue-in-cheek comment by Trump, which has served the purpose of refocusing everybody's attention on Hillary's emails, is causing a multiple-party and multiple-movement meltdown, both on cable news and on social media. The media is reporting Trump is telling the Russians to hack Hillary, which is not true.

Donald Trump has done more to change the political landscape and the political dialogue in this country than any of the people on the Democrat National Convention stage. Hillary Clinton, pandering for the woman's vote, is saying that her nomination now is piercing the biggest crack in the glass ceiling. That is odd because I don’t believe there are a whole lot of people that think it's that big of a deal that a woman's got the nomination.

'Crooked' Hillary Clinton is dishonest, immoral and unfit and because of the crimes she has committed has shown the world of how incapable she is during her time in the political arena and should not be allowed to run for president. Her biggest asset is her ability to lie, cover-up, and get away with the many things she has done. If she is elected president and appoints at least three new far left liberal Supreme Court Justices, she and the high court as a team will rewrite the Constitution and I guarantee we will not like it.

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