Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jake Tapper, The Chief Washington Corrospondent For
CNN, Gets Taken Down By Former Gov. Of Texas Rick Perry

Rick Perry Says Mr. Khan Shouldn't Get A
Free Ride Because His Son Died In Combat

Tapper: “well, well, I don’t think anyone is saying he shouldn’t be criticized”…

Perry: “well, then what’s the conversation then”?…

If no-one is saying Khan can’t be criticized, then what’s the controversy? The entire manufactured controversy centered around any criticism of Khizr Khan being ‘out-of-bounds’.
Blog Author's Comments -- Jake Tapper certainly does have a sad look on his face. But, he will continue to trash Trump any chance that he has. He is and will always be in the pocket of Hillary's pants suit. For those that do not know, CNN has been caught making up stories and lies about Donald Trump and his campaign. They have Trump on the brain 24/7. Their 'news' is so bias that MSNBC has even surpassed them in viewership. But, they continue their liberal ways without any remorse.

Tapper should be required to disclose whenever he interviews a Republican that he was taking orders and seeking approval of the DNC before he did a story. Low information voters are the ones hurting Trump, the mainstream media forms the narrative and these people believe what they see and hear from CNN, NBC, MSNBC etc. Many of us know about Khan and the politics here but a lot of people are just so politically uninformed. They get their news from the liberal talking heads who are doing what they can to push Clinton towards the White House.

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Trump Gave A Great Speech On Race And
Democrats. (8/16/2016) But Will Anyone See It?

By announcing his campaign changes eight hours later, he gave the media every excuse in the world to ignore covering his speech, and they have ignored it. They've spent the whole day theorizing, discussing, analyzing what these campaign changes mean in terms of the stability and the strength of the Trump operation.

This speech turns some of these people on the left upside down. And they went and made this announcement of the campaign change, and nobody today even knows any of this happened. With the general election only 83 days away, there is much work to be done in a short amount of time. Hillary's fat ass cannot be allowed to again live in the White House.

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