Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hillary vs. The Truth - Did She Commit Perjury?

House Oversight Committee Releases
Damning Video Detailing Hillary's Perjury

Via. Sean Hannity -- The House Oversight Committee has released a damning video in which they demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made false statements during her testimony to the committee.

The video contrasts the statements of Hillary Clinton and the findings of the FBI as delivered by Director James Comey in July.

Specific points of divergence between Clinton's and Comey's testimonies include:
- Whether Clinton sent or received emails that were marked classified at the time.

- Whether her attorneys reviewed each of the emails on her personal email system

- Whether there was one, or more servers that stored work-related emails during her time as Secretary of State

- Whether Clinton provided all her work-related emails to the Department of State.
Last month, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte sent a letter to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia requesting an investigation into whether Clinton committed perjury and made false statements when testifying under oath before Congress.

Based on the evidence presented in this video alone, it seems to be an open and shut case.
Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary and her sometimes husband 'slick Willie', have been walking a tightrope for 30 years and managed by lies and deceit to keep from falling. If you have watched Hillary Clinton during her career as first lady, Senator and Secretary of State and now she wants to be the president, can you really say that you believe she is qualified for the job? She has so much baggage, not speaking of her weight, but she has proven that she is not qualified.

She would be a female Barak Obama but even worse, because of the Justices to the high court she will be able to appoint. Already there is one vacant seat and Ginsburg has said she will retire in 2017. That would give Hillary Clinton almost everything she wants to accomplish. And the Supreme Court would be a leftist court for at least a generation.

If Clinton is elected, the Republican Party will probably never again put a candidate in the White House. Hillary Clinton lied and she got caught, plain and simple. The only question now is will the American people ever get the justice they deserve? Probably not, because if Donald J. Trump wins the presidency, before he is able to assume office, Obama would pardon Clinton along with many more members of his administration prior to leaving the White House.

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