Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fox News Talks With WikiLeaks Founder...

On Fox News with Megyn Kelly WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange discussed the process and timing for the release of thousands more documents relating to the U.S. election:

Megyn Kelly Interviews WikiLeaks Founder
Julian Assange: Expect "Thousands More Documents"

Blog Author's Comments -- I say get the truth out there Mr. Assange, if what you have will show the real Hillary Clinton and what and who she is. Let’s hope these new revelations really are a game changer. As for Megyn Kelly, she likes to talk about Mr. Trump being behind in the polls. But, she does no verification of the polling methods but just repeats the leftist talking points. I have to believe Megyn Kelly is pissed at Donald Trump because I don’t think he will do an interview with her again. His Fox News person of choice is Sean Hannity, or so it seems to me.

It does not matter whatever comes out about Clinton, her Royal Highness Hillary is not going to be held accountable for anything she does. Obama controls the Justice Department and there will be no charges brought against her. Obama knows if Clinton goes down she will try to take him with her. Julian Assange wants to bring Hillary Clinton to justice. And for those who haven’t followed this story, his motive is simple from what I have seen. It’s revenge. Because as Secretary of State, Clinton supposedly used her influence to help her rich and powerful friends by bringing false charges against Assange that has made his life not very enjoyable.

I personally don't see much coming from all of this. Donald Trump has a real fight on his hands to defeat Hillary and the 'Clinton Machine', the leftist media, and many of the so-called Republican 'establishment' members. Perhaps most pro-Hillary political pundits have their prediction of the general election all wrong. There may be more folks planning on going to the polls who may never have voted in a presidential election and doing so for Trump. We shall see because the people who actually care about our country know that Hillary is the last person they want as the next president.

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