Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Recent Audio From The Rush Limbaugh Show...

"Trump Supporters Don't Care
What He Does Or What He Says"

Hillary Clinton Is The Worst
Democrat Candidate Ever Nominated

Blog Author's Comments -- Limbaugh thinks quite a lot of himself and I guess he should, he has the most listened to talk radio show and has made many millions doing what he does. But, the reason Donald Trump has such a following is because he has said and is saying what so many Americans have waited so long to hear. So many folks are sick of what the Obama administration and the Democratic Party is doing, has done, and plans to do.

They are disgusted with many in the Republican Party who do just enough to keep their jobs and are not throwing their full support behind Trump. They see how corrupt and crooked Hillary Clinton is and how inept she has been during her entire career in politics. Also, many know that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency the country is doomed and the GOP will never again elect a president. Just with the ability of the next president to appoint at least two and perhaps four Supreme Court Justices, which will in itself give a huge amount of power to the president and their party.

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