Friday, July 22, 2016

The Next President Of The United States - Donald J. Trump

Ivanka Trump Memorable Speech
At RNC Introducing Her Father

Donald Trump Accepting GOP
Nomination For President (Full Speech)

Blog Author's Comments -- The mainstream media won’t be able to spin what happened at the Republican convention because they know we aren’t listening. I believe Trump meant every word of his speech, and people believe him. They will vote for him and give him a chance. I think his delivery created a striking departure from the past few republican candidates. It really showed that there is a new man in town and change is coming. I also think his temperament in the speech really spoke to the deep anxiety that middle Americans has been going through.

The NeverTrumps have already been shut down and were on the first night of the convention. Trump needs to move now towards winning over the Independents and centrist Democrats. That’s going to be harder than some may think because of the media pushing him down whatever chance they get and doing it non-stop day in and day out between now and November. He’s got his work cut out for him so he needs to get on it now. Especially considering the Democrats will have the entire next week in the spotlight – a glaringly bright spotlight since they are the media’s favorites.

Donald Trump has now earned the chance to defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election and sweep out all of the people in Obama's cabinet and replace them with people he knows think as he does and want what is best for the people and the country. If Trump is not elected in November it will be a very sad day for America.

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