Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Recent Audio From The Rush Limbaugh Show...

Only Evidence That 'White Cops Are
Killing Blacks' Is In The 'Liberal Media'

Obama And His Minions Doing
Everything To Whip Up Hatred Against Cops

Blog Author's Comments -- There is an all-out assault on the unity of this country. There are people whose express purpose is to rip it apart. There has always been some segment of our population who wanted to do this in one way or another. But, many of them did not succeed because there were more level headed, clear thinking Americans who kept them at bay. But, since the non-thinkers installed Barack Hussein Obama in the White House he has brought along his group of people that think and believe as he does and most of the voters who installed him in office continue to back him.

Does anyone believe that a racist group like 'Black Lives Matter' who dislikes most white people but especially the men and women who attempt to maintain law and order in our country, would have lasted very long just a few decades ago? Hopefully America has sunk to its lowest level and Hillary Clinton will be defeated and the Republican Party can do what they are paid to do and get behind Donald J. Trump to win the presidency. If they do not than we will see even more damage done which the country will never recover from.

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Anonymous said...

I do not follow Limbaugh very often but I certainly do agree with your comments. If Clinton and family are placed in the White House we are all in serious trouble. I feel we are lucky to have Trump running for the presidency, we need someone besides a career politician to attempt to turn the country around. Hallelujah!