Thursday, July 14, 2016

Links To News Columns - Race Relations In America 2016...

Black Man Fires 17 Shots Into Officer's Patrol Car And Home

Obama, Sharpton, Holder And Farrakhan Sued For Aiding Race Attacks

Black Lives Matter Youths Assault Random White Kid On Metro Train

Black Dairy Queen Employee Arrested After Spitting On Officer's Hamburger

Obama Mentions Self 45 Times During Memorial Speech For Dallas Officers

Authorities Thwart Plot By Young Black Punks To Murder Cops In Baton Rouge

Black Lives Matter Protesters Block Bridge During Child's Medical Emergency

Black Supremacist Group Plans Armed Presence At Republican Convention

Blog Author's Comments -- The above links to columns are only a few incidents of what is now happening in America, and I have not included the latest shootings of the police officers in Dallas. Will this continue? Is this just the beginning of how life will be in many cities? What purpose do the shootings and crime serve those that do it? Are the perpetrators all just evil people who are unable to control their tempers? Those that survive what they do are usually apprehended and spend years behind bars. And the police who attempt to keep the peace now have targets on their backs.

Obama was going to be the great 'uniter' but that has not happened. He has said that race relations have improved but that is not true. Obama is a racist and he has instilled more racism in the black community. This has now caused many white folks to become racists, because many feel they now cannot trust many of the black people. That is not the way it should be but at this point in time there is not a solution to the growing problem.

Judge Jeanine: Dallas Was About Anarchy, Not Racism

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