Friday, April 29, 2016

Ted Cruz In Meltdown Mode - Megyn Kelly Appeared Fustrated

Ted Cruz Sounds And Appears Desperate In Megyn Kelly Interview

News Ninja -- I don’t agree with Megyn Kelly but she was trying to keep the conversation on a level playing field and Sen. Ted Cruz was pushing out a point that was false when speaking about Donald Trump and Obamacare. Trump has never said he supports Obamacare and Cruz keeps saying he does.

Then he had difficulty answering Kelly’s simple question about the 1,237 delegates. Cruz was combative and the entire interview had a large dose of desperation.

Just so you know, Trump CAN win a majority. He’s up in Indiana according to the latest polls. And, from what I’ve seen on Twitter, Trump’s internal polling indicates he has extended his lead since Tuesday. Cruz is delusional. But what else can he do but be delusional? He’s running a campaign for the presidency. If he must lie to himself, or to those to whom he’s speaking, then so be it.
Blog Author's Comments -- Sen. Ted Cruz, I believe, made a fool of himself during this interview, he became unhinged. The man is frustrated with Donald Trump and he does not seem to understand why Trump is doing so well. If the polling is correct in Indiana and other upcoming states, Donald Trump will attain the 1,237 delegates prior to the Republican Convention.

If the Republican National Committee along with the GOP 'Establishment' changes the rules for this convention so they can have their contested convention and chose someone else as the nominee that will basically be the end of the Republican Party. To put it bluntly, all hell will break loose. A majority of those who call themselves Republicans want Donald Trump as the nominee. They are tired of the career politicians and the same old same in Washington.

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