Thursday, April 28, 2016

Trump Calls Bob Knight Endorsement The Greatest Ever In Indiana

Indy Star -- Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump received Wednesday night what he called “the greatest endorsement in the history of Indiana” from legendary basketball coach Bob Knight.

"There has never been a more honest politician than Donald Trump," Knight said.

Some in the crowd of roughly 5,000 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds said they showed up just to hear Knight speak. But with the full force of the election spotlight on Indiana’s May 3 primary, it was also a day for Trump to stress that his supporters in the state could help clinch the nomination.

"If we win Indiana,” Trump said, “it’s over!"

For Knight, who could be considered Indiana royalty, to stand up for Trump was to appeal directly to Hoosier voters. The former Indiana University basketball coach with the famous temper won three national championships and collected the most Division I wins of his time.

That’s why Trump loves him: He's a winner.

The two men, who share similar – shall we say – emphatic personalities and colorful speech, embraced on stage.

“I am not here to represent the Republican Party,” Knight said. “And I’m not here to represent any organization that deals with politics. I think the most important thing in the world is that we vote for the best man there is for this job.”

Knight encouraged the crowd to "throw Donald over the top" with their votes, and that it would be "a first step toward what every one of us wants America to be like."

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Blog Author's Comments -- Indiana is an important primary for Donald Trump and he could not have had a better endorsement in Indiana than Bobby Knight. Both of them are winners in their chosen fields. The video below is quite good and what Knight says is true. He may well help Trump win more delegates in Indiana. If Trump is going to win the nomination, I think he has to have the 1,237 required delegates prior to the convention. The 'GOP Establishment' is not going to roll over and back Donald Trump, they will continue do what they can to stop him from being the nominee.

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