Friday, April 15, 2016

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Paul Manafort Interviewed By Sean Hannity

Donald Trump "Chalkings" Now Labeled Hate Crime

Judge Allows Suit Against Sandy Hook Gun Maker To Advance

Holy Ted Cruz Calls Trump A
Cosa Nostra Sicilian Mobster

CO Caucus Volunteers: Ballot 'Errors' Hurt Trump, Delegate Candidates

GOP Insider: There Will Be Riots In Cleveland If Trump Wins Or If He Doesn't

Do Voters Have A Right To Be Frustrated

Phone Transcript Proves Hillary Lied About Benghazi Attack

Syrian Surge, 'Refugees' Flood Into U.S. At Rate Of 358 Per Week

Ted Cruz Said Lewandowski Should Be Fired

Hey, Ted, Lewandowski was cleared of
all charges, not good enough for you?

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