Thursday, April 14, 2016

Teen Gang Member Points Gun At Cop,
Protesters Target Police For Firing Back

Truth Revolt -- A 16-year-old Chicago gang member was shot and killed by police on Monday night and it took Black Lives Matter no time to try to color the narrative well before all the facts are known -- a similar tactic used in the Michael Brown shooting to introduce the "hands up, don't shoot" fabrication.

Chicago police say Pierre Loury, a known gang member who regularly posted pictures of himself armed on Facebook, was pulled over in a vehicle suspected of being involved in an earlier shooting. Loury quickly exited the vehicle and fled on foot with police in pursuit. During the chase, Loury reportedly pulled out his gun and pointed it at a police officer who opened fire, hitting the suspect in the chest. Loury later died from his wounds. A weapon was recovered at the scene.

The protesters don't see it that way and are claiming another case of racially motivated police brutality. Over 100 people gathered for vigils and demonstrations the day after the shooting. Loury's family joined in the protests, claiming their son was unarmed and said the police are lying.

Some are saying that Loury was shot in the air as he tried to jump a fence. Others claim several cops high-fived after the shooting. None of this is confirmed but is being sworn to have happened. Of course, some people swore Michael Brown had his hands up when he was shot, too.

The boy's aunt spoke about the shooting and said her nephew is just like everybody else in the neighborhood:
He's a typical Chicago teen male, no different than any other young man living in this city, facing some of the same challenges and trials and tribulations.
Unfortunately, the aunt destroyed her own defense saying, "typical Chicago teen male." Many typical black male teenagers in Chicago right now are shooting each other in record numbers. These are facts that the BLM movement willingly ignore in favor of keeping the focus on "racist" police officers. The Chicago Tribune posted police scanner audio of the incident.
Blog Author's Comments -- If someone points a gun at the police they should expect to be shot, one less thug to ruin Chicago. When a police officer kills a bad guy the 'Black Lives Matter' group will use the dead thug in their plan to further drive a wedge between blacks and police. A 16 year old holding a handgun he legally can't posses and displaying gang tattoos he legally can't get until he's 18 and we're supposed to believe he's just an average teenager? What happened to Pierre Loury was going to happen, if it was not by the police it would have been another gang member.
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