Friday, April 1, 2016

Megyn Kelly Continues To Smear Trump With Hand Picked Images Of Him

The News Commenter -- "Megyn Kelly and the people behind her production are out to get Donald Trump! There’s no other way to put it. Just look at the images they used in her segment with Rich Lowery and former senator Scott Brown. You don’t pick photos like these on accident. Maybe 'Fairly Unbalanced' should be the new Fox News Slogan.”

Megyn Kelly Again Tries To Smear Donald Trump

Blog Author's Comments -- I don't watch television news shows, I receive my news from right leaning bloggers and news sites. The only member of Fox News I like is Lou Dobbs. I can't stand to listen to Megyn Kelly, but I suppose the general manager and owner believe she is doing a good job. Since she was moved into the new time slot she has become too full of herself and she goes overboard in her news presentation. The person she would like to receive the GOP nomination is Ted Cruz, so she goes after Trump as often as she can.

What kind of segment does she have anymore except anti-Trump? What also drags her reputation down in my opinion is some of the guests she has that spin their bizarre, untrue stories and she knows they are lies but never says anything to correct them. But Trump is helping her ratings and I assume as long as that continues she will stay with her attempt along with many others to destroy him and his campaign.

All cable news ratings are up due to the campaigns, but Fox along with all the others will drop when the nominees are chosen for the party’s and general election. But, when this is over many people will not forget what Fox did in their presentation of their news shows and the sham they made when hosting the GOP debates. They are all propagandists for the establishment. At least most of us knew CNN and MSNBC were for the left. We now know a great deal more about Fox News. If they would have put as much work into exposing who Obama was and is, as they are with Donald Trump, perhaps Obama would not have won a second term.

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