Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ann Coulter Discusses Trump Derangement
Syndrome By The Republican Establishment

Does Ann Coulter Still Support Donald Trump For President?

Blog Author's Comments -- I have always liked Ann Coulter, a very sharp tongued lady who doesn’t hesitate to bluntly state things as they are and doesn't give a damn how anyone feels about it. She is a very bright lady, a lawyer who practiced law for a few years and a voracious writer of politically charged top selling books. Perhaps Trump should consult with her now and than.

Ann Coulter discusses the bizarre world of "pussified conservatives", behaving just like leftists in order to conserve a tenuous grip on their own relevancy. As I do believe and have written in other posts, from what I have seen so far and I am watching closely as one of the Trump supporters, the Republican 'establishment' would rather see Hillary Clinton win the presidency rather than the Party winning with Donald J. Trump as president.

I know this appears quite outlandish to many but many of the so-called leaders of the party are doing all that they can to help take down Trump so he does not win the 1,237 delegates he needs which would guarantee him the nomination. The establishment would rather have a contested or brokered convention so they could make someone they approve of the nominee for the general election.

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