Monday, March 21, 2016

Political Videos & Links To Political News Columns...

Meet The Press Confronts Harry
Reid With Past Hypocritical Postures

The He-Man Trump Haters Club

Kasich Would Consider Nominating Garland For SCOTUS If He Were President

Donald Trump Defends Campaign Manager Accused Of
Pulling Protester's Collar: 'I Give Him Credit For Having Spirit'

Leftists Don't Hate Donald Trump, They Are Afraid Of Him

Soros Pal Runs Online Voting Machines For Tuesday's Utah Caucuses

Media Narrative Busted: Black Trump Supporter
Goes After White Anti-Trump Protester At Arizona Rally

Four Illegal Aliens Held In Vicious Framingham, MA Rape And Beating

Focus Group: Hillary 'Worst Liar Ever Seen', 'Lied About Lying'

Giuliani: To Deny Trump The Nomination At The
Convention Would Be "Turning Your Back On The Voters"

Arizona Border Patrol Union Quietly Boosts Donald Trump

RNC Chair Priebus: Far Too Late For Stop Trump Movement

Black Police Officer Tells
The Truth About Trump Rallies

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