Thursday, March 24, 2016

Obama Outraged: ISIS "Perverting One Of The World's Great Religions"

President Obama denounced the violent activities of Islamic State terrorists, asserting that they had distorted the teachings of Islam to promote their hatred around the world.

“They are vicious killers and murderers who have perverted one of the world’s great religions,” Obama said, “And their primary power in addition to killing innocent lives is to strike fear in our societies, to disrupt our societies.”

Obama made his remarks during a press conference today in Argentina with President Mauricio Macri, defending his decision to continue his foreign policy trip Latin America, in spite of the recent terrorist attack in Brussels that killed over 30 people.

He urged Americans not to just focus on the terrorist activity in Western countries, but against peaceful Muslims as well.

“We see high profile attacks in Europe, but they are also killing Muslims throughout the Middle East,” Obama said.

Obama argued that it was important for Americans not to respond to the Islamic state, which did not present an “existential threat” to the United States.

He defended his strategy to destroy ISIS, arguing that he was “systematic and ruthless and focused” on the effort which was his “top priority.”

“We are approaching this in a way that has a chance of working, and it will work and we’re not going to do things that are counterproductive, simply because it’s political season,” he said. “We’re going to be steady. we’re going to be resolute. and ultimately, we’re going to be successful.”

Blog Author's Comments -- Obama does not want a confrontation or war with ISIS, not this late in his presidency. He will do nothing but talk and pass all of the problems the United States now faces because of him, on to the next president. Obama knows, Islam is about taking over the world by killing all non-believers. “We see high profile attacks in Europe, but they are also killing Muslims throughout the Middle East,” Obama said.

In their nations they'll kill each other at the drop of a hat over petty ideological differences. They're incapable of assimilating and coexisting even in their own lands, lands they've occupied for centuries. Their 'great religion' has no place here in the West.

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