Friday, March 25, 2016

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Soros Operators Prep Mayhem - Thousands To Get Arrested In DC Next Month

'Lost' Clinton Emails Discovered From Server

Dennis Miller: I Thought I Knew Mitt Romney

Romney Urges Voters Not To Support Kasich One Week After Campaigning For Him

Newt Gingrich Helping Donald Trump Navigate D.C. Political Swamp

Black Police Officer, And Trump Rally Eye
Witness, Describes Event Agitators To Fox News

Paranoid Anti-Gun Professor Calls 9-1-1 Terrified By ROTC Exercises

A Real Class Act: Now Mitt Romney Is Bashing Donald Trump's Wives

Some People Rubbed The Wrong Way By
Trump, Because He's A Blunt Problem Solver

Georgia College Students Traumatized Over "Trump 2016" Campus Chalk Writings

Hillary Uses Brussels Attack To Talk About Why We Should Not Torture Terrorists

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