Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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No Hate Crime Charges Against Black Teens Who Brutally Attacked Marine

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The Week That Will Decide The Republican Nomination

Watchdog Finds Billions In Possible Fraudulent Obamacare Payments

Judge: Clinton Aides Must Testify About Use Of Private Email Account

Rush Limbaugh - Obama's Closing Of Gitmo,
Highlights The 'Absolute Horror' Of The Past 7 Years

Blog Author's Comments -- I used the Limbaugh audio above because the site where I nab these had this one up concerning Limbaugh's take that Obama has again announced plans to remove all detainees from Guantanamo Bay — a U.S. military prison in Cuba that houses terrorists. Obama promised he would do this in 2008 and he is in the last year of his final term in 2016 and it still has not been done - and it should not be done, the terrorists should stay there.

Anyway, within the past few months Limbaugh has become very bizarre with his rants concerning the Republican presidential candidates and Donald Trump. He has not officially endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz but if one listens to him for only a short time it is obvious this is who he wants to be the nominee. The following is from one of his recent shows, how about this for Limbaugh's logic: If Ted Cruz wants to win he’s got to focus exclusively on attacking Trump. Why? Because Cruz has to realize Marco Rubio is not going to drop out. If Rubio is not going to drop out, Rubio is not the obstacle – Trump is...Huh! what the hell is Limbaugh talking about and what does this mean? See if you can follow this logic. Marco Rubio is not going to leave the race, therefore it is the better course to attack the stronger frontrunner because, well, according to the Limbaugh logic, Trump winning in all the contests must mean he is positioned to leave the race – or something.

Seriously, this is what Rush Limbaugh is presenting to his audience. This is completely nonsensical. Perhaps it is time for Rush Limbaugh to retire and play more golf or whatever he does at his home in Florida. I cannot stand to listen to him and there are many more of his followers who have also turned him off.

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