Thursday, February 25, 2016

Interesting Political Videos...

Donald Trump Slams "Loser" Romney
For Launching Sleazy "Taxes" Attack

Huckabee's Lesson Learned
From Revealed Tax Returns

Larry Sabato: Trump's Win With Hispanics
In Nevada Has To Worry Rubio And Cruz

Krauthammer: "Huge Mistake" If GOP Does Anything Other
Than 'Absolutely Stonewall' On Obama SCOTUS Nominee

Now VP Joe Biden - As A Senator In 1992: Don't
Nominate A Supreme Court Justice Until After Election

New Poll: 'The Donald' Trumps Rubio Among Florida Republicans

Texas Primary To Be Ted Cruz's Political Alamo

Cruz, Rubio Prep For Brutal Debate Night

Blog Author's Comments -- A reminder for those who have interest. Tonight Thursday February, 25 is the final Republican debate prior to 'Super Tuesday' which is March 1, 2016. Super Tuesday is the date on the primary election calendar 2016 when 12 states and one territory hold primaries and caucuses in the race for the Democratic and Republican nomination. It's so super because more delegates are up for grabs than any other day.

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