Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Latest Release - Number Of Hillary Clinton "Classified" Emails Now 999

Fox News -- As the number of classified Hillary Clinton emails grew to nearly 1,000, they also reveal how freely she and her staff shared information on the Benghazi attacks, including confirming the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens – and even celebrating her controversial hearing appearance where she asked, “What difference, at this point, does it make” what led to the attacks.

The emails were part of the largest release yet of Clinton documents from the State Department.

The batch contained 328 emails deemed to have classified information. According to the State Department, that brings the total number with classified information to 999.

That alone drew outrage from Republicans, with the RNC saying the sheer number of emails with classified material “underscores the degree to which Hillary Clinton jeopardized our national security and has tried to mislead the American people.”

But the document dump also potentially creates more problems for Clinton in her attempt to move past the fallout from the Benghazi attacks.

Notably, the emails show her aides congratulating her after her initial January 2013 testimony on the attacks before Congress. During that hearing, she got into a dispute with Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., over the conflicting narratives about the motivation for the attack and what preceded it – the State Department had come under fire for initially pointing to a protest over an anti-Islam film. Clinton told Johnson, expressively, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”
Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar running for President and most of the liberals who voted for Obama will vote for her. Nothing will happen to her because of her scandals and lies and the Democratic Party will protect her no matter what it takes until Obama finally pardons her. It was negligence on how Hillary handled the classified documents, and don't forget, negligence on how she handled keeping our American diplomats safe in Benghazi.

When Clinton said I did not know they were classified or they were not classified when I saw them that is simply more lying by a Clinton. That is also showing gross incompetence. When she signed the papers to become a high level government official, the document says that it is the duty of a person of her level, Secretary of State, to determine if something is classified and mark it and treat it as such. She is not only corrupt, a liar, incompetent, but abandoned some of her sworn national security obligations and she could be the next president.

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