Monday, November 30, 2015

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Will GOP Establishment Support Hillary Clinton If Trump Wins Nomination?

McCain: Trump's Rhetoric Turning Muslims Against The United States

A Few Thoughts On A Republican Establishment
That Just Doesn't Get It And Effort Against Trump

Why won’t the ‘Republican Establishment’ support Trump? Because they can’t control him like they can the rest of the GOP candidates. I am almost convinced they will willingly lose their chance for the presidency rather than support Donald Trump.

There is an entire stratosphere of inter-connected alliances who would much rather have Hillary Clinton in office than face the very real possibility of Donald Trump who is singularly focused on what is in America’s best interests.

Five Devastating Facts About Black-On-Black Crime

Hide Your Wallet: Obama Wants Money To Bail Out Obamacare

Donald Trump Interview
Sunday On "Meet The Press"

Fiorina Slams 'Delusional' Obama For Pushing Climate Change As Security Threat

Jeb Bush: Trump Not A 'Serious Candidate'

How Political Correctness Rules In America's Student 'Safe Spaces'

New Poll Touted As Proof That Trump Is Losing Steam

Monday Smile: Golden Retrievers Now Finding A Home

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