Monday, November 9, 2015

Ben Carson Backs Puerto Rican Statehood

The Hill -- Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson officially backed Puerto Rican statehood in a speech on the island on Sunday.

“In a Carson administration, I will leave no stone unturned in my efforts to secure this important step in Puerto Rico’s history — establishing Estado 51,” Carson said, according to CNN.

Carson said he viewed the issue of statehood as “settled,” the news network added, referring to a referendum to join the union backed by a majority of Puerto Rican citizens in 2012. “Mis hermanos Americanos,” Carson reportedly said, “my campaign is built around the premise of ‘We the people,’ and through such lens, I view the statehood question in Puerto Rico as settled.”

The Carson campaign estimated that 3,500 people attended the rally for the pro-statehood New Progressive Party.

Other Republican candidates for president, such as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), support Puerto Rican statehood, provided the island's residents vote to approve it.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has not endorsed statehood for the U.S. commonwealth but has supported economic relief measures for the island in the past.
Blog Author's Comments -- Dr. Ben Carson is slowly burying his campaign for the GOP nominee. Puerto Rico has 65% unemployment, a mountain of entitlement debt they cannot afford to pay back; 50% or more of Puerto Ricans are on some form of government financial welfare; teetering on the verge of financial collapse; desperate for a bailout – and candidate Ben Carson wants to absorb Puerto Rico into the U.S.A as a state. He certainly appears to be a progressive.

This follows candidate Ben Carson saying only two days earlier that he supports the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership and further globalization.

We already have our own mountain of debt with what Barack Obama has done the past seven years and will continue to do until he leaves the White House. I never did support Ben Carson or Marco Rubio as serious presidential candidates. The country needs a leader who can begin to turn around what Obama has done. I believe we have two candidates that the Republican Party should support that could defeat Hillary Clinton and provide the country with a very good president.

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