Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Politically Oriented Videos: Featuring Donald Trump And Ted Cruz...

Donald Trump: Says Carson "Doesn't Have The Experience"
To Be President; Rubio "Highly Overrated," Bush A "Stiff"

When The Media Attacks, Ted Cruz Fights Back

Donald Trump Slams DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman
Schultz As "Highly Neurotic" And A "Terrible Person"

Sen. Ted Cruz: Democrat Debate Was
More Socialism, Pacifism, Weakness

Blog Author's Comments -- The American people these last seven years have seen that a good many of the current crop of people running this government are in the process of destroying it and doing, perhaps, uncorrectable damage to the country. They have been voting for years, believing promises that have been made by both parties. People get elected, the promises are ignored. I would trust either of these men or both of them to run the country and attempt to reverse what the Obama administration and some members of the Republican Party have done.

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