Monday, March 17, 2014

Political Videos - Obamacare, Midterm Elections and Internet Control...

Obama Admits Cost Of Health Premiums Are Rising,
Of Course, It Has Nothing To Do With Obamacare

Robert Gibbs: Even Though The White House
Won't Admit It, The Senate Is 'Definitely' In Danger

Obama Says Americans May Have To Make "Choices"
To Switch Doctors Or Hospitals Due To Obamacare

What Could Go Wrong? "Obama Administration To Hand
Over Control Of The Internet To The Global Community"

Nancy Pelosi: Democrats Can Be "Proud" Of
Obamacare, Should Embrace It In 2014 Midterms

Blog author's comments - Obama will never be truthful about what the Affordable Care Act has done and will continue to do, to the people their health care insurance and the entire health care system. Robert Gibbs may be correct about the Democrats being in danger of losing the Senate, I certainly hope he is. Obama handing over the internet to the global community, he continues his plan to weaken America. And Nancy Pelosi wants the Democrats to 'embrace' Obamacare in the 2014 midterms. This is one time I will agree with her, I hope they do.

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