Friday, March 14, 2014

'How Does Going From Being a Senator to a President Rewrite The
Constitution?':Trey Gowdy Explodes on Obama in Floor Speech

The Blaze -- WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Ignoring President Barack Obama’s veto threat, the House voted on Wednesday for a bill that would expedite congressional lawsuits against the chief executive for failure to enforce federal laws.

The vote was 233-181 in the Republican-led House as GOP lawmakers excoriated Obama for multiple changes to his 4-year-old health care law, steps he’s taken to allow young immigrants to remain in the United States and the administration’s resistance to defend the federal law banning gay marriage.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., sponsor of the ENFORCE the Law Act, delivered a fiery speech and read a series of statements by Obama when he was an Illinois senator in which he warned of the encroachment of the executive on the powers of the other branches of government.

“How does going from being a senator to a president rewrite the Constitution?” Gowdy asked. “What’s different from when he was a senator? Mr. Speaker, I don’t think there’s an amendment to the Constitution that I’ve missed. I try to keep up with those with regularity.”

Gowdy went on to argue that “process matters” in law enforcement, noting that evidence gathered with a legitimate search warrant is thrown out if an officer so much as accidentally checks the wrong box on the application.

“Even though he was well-intended, even though he had good motivations, even though he got the evidence — because process matters,” he added.

“We all swore an allegiance to the same document that the president swears allegiance to, to faithfully execute the law,” Gowdy continued. “If a president does not faithfully execute the law… what are our remedies?”

He then argued that Congress should do exactly what then-Sen. Obama suggested before he was president of the United States: “To go to the Supreme Court and have the Supreme Court say once and for all: ‘We don’t pass suggestions in this body. … We don’t pass ideas — we pass laws. And we expect them to be faithfully executed.”
Blog author’s comments – We certainly could use a few more Republicans in Congress like Trey Gowdy. Think about it... how far have we fallen that the House needs to pass a law to force the president to do his job, and then for the president to threaten to veto it? The sad part of this is that Obama is sitting in the Oval Office, knowing what was said and he doesn't care, because he will never be held accountable for what he has done, and the main stream media never question him on anything.

The vote in the House on this bill ‘that would expedite congressional lawsuits against the chief executive for failure to enforce federal laws’ was 233-181. How can anyone in Congress vote against a law that tells the president to follow the law? Trey Gowdy needs to be appointed Speaker of the House. But, if the GOP holds the House I believe they will retain John Boehner as speaker. He is unqualified for the job. Boehner will continue doing that same poor job during the next four years as he has during this term.

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