Friday, May 17, 2013

Pelosi: GOP Focusing On Scandals Because Obama Is a Great President

The Washington Examiner -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., charged Republicans with “exploiting” the questions surrounding the Benghazi talking points, the AP phone records seizure and the IRS scandal to attack President Obama because “they fear” his agenda and eloquence.

“This president — they make so much of these issues because this president is such a great president,” Pelosi told reporters during her weekly press briefing. “They will use talking points on Benghazi, they will use the IRS, they will use AP, as, I think, subterfuges — evasions — of what the American people want us to do.”

Pelosi said that Republicans need scandals because they are over-matched by the “visionary” Obama. “He has a knowledge of our country and the concerns of the American people as of what plan we should go forward with to strengthen the middle class, and he has an eloquence to communicate that message,” she said of Republicans. “They fear that.”

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Blog author's comments - It is difficult to comprehend that Pelosi actually believes what she said. No Nancy, it is not because he is a great's because he is the worst and most corrupt president ever. And he has amassed an administration that is just like him. Only in California could someone like Pelosi continue to be elected.

The DOJ broke the law and obtained telephone records of reporters for the Associated Press. The IRS pursued people because of their political association. And in Benghazi four Americans died and the Obama administration lied to the American people. She's right about one thing--they do fear his agenda. Anybody with any love of this country and what it represents fears his agenda.

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