Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ted Nugent Interviewed About Gun Control By Erin Burnett of CNN

The Blaze -- Sporting a graying beard and his signature camouflage hat, rocker and gun rights advocate Ted Nugent dismissed the Senate’s gun control bill as a “feel-good measure” that won’t stop any shootings. Towards the end of his interview on CNN, Nugent recommended that Attorney General Eric Holder be arrested for gun trafficking.

“I don’t support the bill. I agree with the 90-plus percent of the law enforcement heroes out there, the real warriors of the street, that reject this as a feel-good measure ,” Nugent said bluntly. “I reject it out of hand as a feel-good measure that’s not going to accomplish anything. It won’t stop any shootings, that’s for sure.”

Nugent said he supports police enforcing the gun laws that are already on the books, rather than adding even more regulations. The Senate gun bill would expand background checks and likely include amendments from senators in both parties.

CNN’s Erin Burnett then asked Nugent about New York’s new gun legislation that allows police to confiscate firearms from people who are determined to be mentally ill. The Blaze has reported on the instance where a law-abiding gun owner’s guns were confiscated by mistake in New York.

Nugent said he simply doesn’t trust the “bureaucracy” to “accurately or responsibly or legally identify someone with mental issues.” However, the rocker did say he wants guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, but that it’s not the governments responsibility to determine who is mentally ill.

“I just don’t trust the government. I don’t trust the government that claims it’s going to reduce the budget while they increase the budget,” he added. Throwing a curve ball, Nugent then asked Burnett if she wants to reduce gun trafficking. Naturally, Burnett answered yes. “Then you would support my recommendation that we arrest Eric Holder,” Nugent said.

“Well, no, I don’t support that,” Burnett replied.

“Well, if you want to stop gun trafficking why don’t we go after the guy trafficking guns? That would be Eric Holder,” Nugent shot back, clearly referring to Operation Fast and Furious where 2,000 guns were allowed to walk across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Blog author's comments - I obviously agree with Ted Nugent. He is a gun-rights advocate and has also been quite vocal concerning how the criminal element in our society should be dealt with. I also agree with Nugent concerning 'Fast and Furious'. That was quickly swept under the carpet by the mainstream media to cover for Eric Holder and Barack Obama. The documentation was also locked up tight by Obama.

The people of America need to wake up. Many may not lack intelligence or the ability to work hard for something, but so many are so easy to fool. We are being played America. We are being worked over. If we do not stand up and do something about this soon, it will be too late to do anything. In fact our best chance at putting our country back on track toward recovery and political sanity was the election of 2012. Sadly Obama was given four more years to continue his agenda.

Judges must enforce the laws, but many are bleeding heart liberals who reduce sentencing or give probation to those who should remain in jail. There are ways to help lock up these offenders by enforcing the gun laws already on the books. If there are any new gun laws they will have the most impact on the law-abiding citizens. And no gun laws will ever stop the mentally ill. The issue of mentally ill people needs to be dealt with and they were the cause of most of the mass shootings. Gun control is 'feel-good' action pushed by the liberals. I knew that they and Obama would go after guns if he won a second term. Too bad the 16 RINO's who voted for more gun control agree with them.

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