Friday, November 30, 2012

President Obama - This Is Why Taxing The Rich Won't Work

Blog author's comments - This is a good and informative video but unfortunately facts, figures, common sense and logic do not work on the political left. They continually use class warfare.

The proposals from the White House – the first to use hard numbers – include a $1.6 trillion tax increase, a $50 billion stimulus package and new presidential powers to raise the federal debt limit without congressional approval.

What was presented is proof that Obama actually wants to go over the fiscal he can call a press conference and blame the Republicans for not bargaining with him.

Mitch McConnell 'Burst Into Laughter' as Geithner Outlined Obama's Plan

Charles Krauthammer - Obama's Fiscal Cliff Deal "Insulting," GOP Should Walk Away

#My2K video via: Ulysses S. Arn

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