Sunday, October 14, 2012

VP Debate - Video of All 85 Joe Biden Interruptions

Blog author's comments - Debate moderator Martha Raddatz should know that the primary task of a moderator is to maintain order in the debate by prohibiting constant interruptions, grimacing, laughing and generally allowing Biden to act like a complete ass. Biden was able to do what he did because she allowed him to do it. Did Joe Biden believe his actions were what anyone would expect from the vice-president of the United States?

Paul Ryan saw through it and didn't let them ruffle his feathers. As the entire charade is evaluated over the next week, it will become clear to most people who watched it - except of course the Democratic base - that Ryan won and Biden's performance did damage to the Obama administration and Democratic Party.

Debate moderator Martha Raddatz’s former husband, Julius Genachowski went to law school with Barack Obama. Obama was a guest at her wedding. Biden knew Raddatz was going to let him act belligerent and rude because of her affiliations with President Barack Obama.

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