Sunday, August 26, 2012

Romney To Crowd: 'No One Has Asked To See My Birth Certificate'

Left Up In Arms Over Romney Birth Certificate Joke

Obama's Tweet

MSNBC: Romney Birth Certificate Joke The "Most Despicable Bigotry We Can Imagine"

MSNBC's Chris Hayes: Romney Birth Certificate Joke Like "Hipster Racism"

Blog author's comments - Mitt Romney's comment certainly did upset the left. The president appears to be a bit thin skinned. The liberals from MSNBC are of course over dramatic even for them. Mitt Romney's comment the "most despicable bigotry we can imagine" also "hipster racism". They need to get over themselves. But, there is absolutely no chance of that happening. Their goal is to protect Obama and help him win a second term.

I am not a 'birther,' but why did Obama take so long to produce a copy of his birth certificate? A president should not be playing games with the American people. I don't believe the liberal media has ever fully vetted Obama and if they have, are keeping a lid on much of what they know about him.

Why doesn't he produce the following documents and information:

His college transcripts.

His Illinois state senate schedule and meeting records.

His client list while serving as an attorney for the firm of Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Gallard.

The video of his speech praising PLO operative Rashid Khalidi at a banquet in 2003, which The Los Angeles Times possesses, but still refuses to release.

His personal records from the Illinois state senate.

His Illinois state bar records and the status of his bar license.

His own and his mother's original passport applications.

Every time Obama and Harry Reid ask for more of Mitt Romney's tax returns, he should ask Obama for the items I have listed. There are many more which are also hidden or somehow have been mysteriously lost.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Romney has few topics about which he can now speak. One by one, the substantive topics for debate are disappearing, deemed too problematic for the Romney campaign to address. Business acumen, experience as governor, US Olympics, Romney budget, women's issues, immigration reform, all toxic. Mr. Romney is reduced to dragging out the birther baggage to pad his stump speeches and give his base a few crumbs. And to call attention away from his flip-flopping on all important issues.

But what is the single issue on which Mr. Romney has never flip-flopped? He stands doggedly firm on never, under any circumstances, releasing his tax returns.


It is not just liberals who want to see Romney's tax returns.
It is 63% of American voters who do.

The longer Mr. Romney delays, the more suspicious it appears.

Obama released 8 years of tax returns
GW Bush 10 years
Clinton 12 years
GHW Bush 14 years
George Romney 12 years.

What is there to hide?
Release the tax returns, Mr. Romney.

Kirby said...

Anon @1:26 p.m.

You and the rest of the liberals concentrate on Romney's tax returns because the Obama administration has nothing to run on. He cannot run on his record.

If Mitt Romney releases 5 more years of tax returns they will want another 5 years. They want to pick through the returns with hope of finding something that is of course in order, but that they can twist to create more lies which their base will believe.

They need more distractions from what Obama has done to the country.

Anonymous said...

birth certificate .??!
No tax MEANS No mitt!
No tax: give back your certificate Mitt!

Mitt is Mormon priest he pays to God only.

Maybe Obama also makes crap, but he is authentic, guine.