Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rep. Todd Akin - Refuses To Remove Himself From Senate Race in Missouri

Hannity And Coulter Blast Todd Akin For 'Hurting The Republican Party'

Mediaite -- Wednesday night on Hannity, conservative columnist Ann Coulter and host Sean Hannity strongly expressed their mutual disappointment in GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin‘s refusal to step aside in the wake of his controversial comments on rape and pregnancy.

“This selfish swine, Todd Akin, is going to hurt the Republican Party,” Coulter bluntly said.

The two then lamented what they see as a double-standard in which President Barack Obama is “utterly silent on Bill Maher, silent on Romney being called a ‘murderer’, causing this woman’s cancer. He is silent on the ‘felony’ talk. He is saying that Republicans want dirty air and water. He doesn’t get called out for it. This is a campaign of smear and slander.”

Coulter agreed, adding that “Todd Akin is being attacked for saying stupid about rape. The Democrats’ keynote speaker [Bill Clinton] is someone who was credibly accused of rape. [...] We can’t have a war on women because the Democrats have won that war between Teddy Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Anthony Weiner.”

“We have gone from an easy win to a loss,” Coulter lamented. “And you might say, what Todd Akin cares about is stop overruling Roe v. Wade. I don’t think he does.”

“What he cares about is his own ego,” she continued. “He was showing off, fancy footwork and what he knows about the medical impact of rape on a woman’s body. He has harmed the Republican Party, and this is not a time to be fooling around.”

Blog author's comments - The comment by Todd Akin on rape and pregnancy obviously should never have been made. He should now drop out of the election for the good of the Republican Party and overall campaign. But, apparently he has put himself above the Party.

Instead of the Todd Akin blunder, the focus should be on what Obama has done to the country, his agenda, the economy, the debt, the high unemployment rate, Obamacare and the fact that until Obama is out of office there will not be any significant upsurge in the overall economy and job creation.

Also if Akin stays in the race, current Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri could retain her Senate seat and with her record she is one Democrat Senator who should have been easily defeated in November.

Akin's comment will now be used by the Democrats to create lies that Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the Republican Party agree with him and are against the rights of women.

My position on what Akin said is that we currently have laws which make abortion legal. I am not going to tell any woman what she should or should not do with regard to abortion, especially in the case of a rape. However, I don't believe the government should use taxpayers' money to fund abortions. I also don't agree that health insurance companies should be forced to cover abortions.

ST. LOUIS, MO ( KTVI) -U.S. Rep. Todd Akin says he misspoke when making a comment about rape and abortion during the taping of The Jaco Report on FOX 2. That remark made national headlines and sparked responses from both Akin’s opponent, Sen. Claire McCaskill and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

During that interview the congressman and U.S. Senate candidate was asked whether abortion should be allowed in the case of rape.

Akin’s response was that it was his understanding from doctors that it’s rare for someone to become pregnant from rape. He said, “The female body has ways to try and shut that whole thing down.”

He went on to say that punishment should be on the rapist and not the child. Democrats started circulating his comment after the show aired citing statistics regarding rape and pregnancy.[...]

Part of Todd Akin's Interview Concerning Rape, Pregnancy And Abortion

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