Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Andrea Mitchell - Faults Romney For His Comments and Blames Israel

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC blames Israel - Senor 1, Mitchell 0

Free Beacon -- Romney senior adviser Dan Senor defended Gov. Mitt Romney’s comments about the effect of culture on Palestine — rather than economics — in an exchange with Andrea Mitchell Wednesday on “Morning Joe.”

Blog author's comments - Andrea Mitchell - another liberal all weepy for offended Palestinian terrorists. I'm sure that none of that logic from Romney adviser Dan Senor settled in her brain.

The Palestinians could attempt to do more for their economy except they are too focused on trying to kill Israelis, and after decades of this they are still not catching on and never will.

For many years, the Palestinians have been given numerous chances to take the road of peace and have instead chosen violence. Mitchell is upset because Mitt Romney had a very successful trip to the Middle East. Andrea Mitchell fails again at pretending to be a journalist.

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