Friday, June 8, 2012

Obama - The Private Sector Is Doing Fine

Romney Campaign Jumps On Obama's 'Doing Fine' Remark

Huffington Post -- Mitt Romney's campaign on Friday jumped on a comment by President Obama at a press conference that "the private sector is doing fine."

The Romney campaign sent out a statement from spokesman Ryan Williams:

"Today, President Obama inexplicably claimed that 'the private sector is doing fine.' But the 23 million Americans who are struggling for work are not 'doing fine.' Job creators and small businesses are not 'doing fine.' The middle class is not 'doing fine.' There is no denying that President Obama has been fundamentally hostile to job creators and his policies have prevented our economy from rebounding. America needs a president who understands the economy and knows how to get our country back on track."

Blog author's comments - Surely not even Obama can believe what he said about the private sector. Does he expect us to buy it? To fix a problem you have to understand the problem. Obama and his regime are a major part of the reason that our economy is in the shape that it is.

In 2008 all he needed were words and promises and "Hope and Change." The election of 2012 is now totally different. He has a record which he cannot defend or run on and continues to blame everyone but himself. Hopefully this will not be enough to keep him in the White House.

Via Real Clear Politics, Obama's answer to a question about his failed policies

"Doing Fine" by

Obama already doing damage control -- Obama: 'Absolutely clear' economy's not fine

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