Thursday, June 7, 2012

Case Against Maxine Waters Will Move Forward

Ethics committee says case against Waters to move forward

The Hill -- The House Ethics Committee announced on Wednesday that Rep. Maxine Waters’s (D-Calif.) rights were not violated in its investigation of her and its case will proceed.

Waters is next in line to fill Rep. Barney Frank’s (D-Mass.) position as the top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee next year when Frank retires. An ethics conviction could jeopardize her ascension to the post.

In a letter to Waters, the committee wrote to inform the lawmaker that it had considered the 12 allegations of misconduct her lawyer had presented against the panel and found that none of them was in violation of House or committee rules.

“The outside counsel has concluded, and the Committee has unanimously found that you have been afforded notice and the opportunity to be heard,” wrote Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the panel’s acting chairman on the Waters case, and Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.), the committee’s ranking member.

"As such, there has been no violation of the due process rights to which you are entitled. Even when the allegations are considered in their totality, there is still no violation of the process which you are due, and the Committee is entitled to continue its consideration of your matter,” the lawmakers wrote.

For more than two years, the committee has investigated whether Waters violated House rules after allegations surfaced that she secured funding for a bank in which her husband own stock. Waters has maintained her innocence.

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Blog author's comments - Waters, no doubt, was heard to be yelling 'racism' uncontrollably. It only took the House Ethics Committee over two years to do what should have been done within a few months.

Waters has maintained her innocence. If she is found guilty of the charges there should be no 'reprimand' as punishment...she should be gone. Maxine Waters saw what happened to Rangel and is not worried.

Charlie Rangel should be in jail for his delinquent tax payments but instead, he got ‘high-fived’ by members of his own party after he was censured instead of being expelled!

The most astounding part of this sordid story is that Waters is next in line to fill Barney Frank’s position as the top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee. The Hill said “an ethics conviction could jeopardize her ascension to the post”.

Even if she escapes conviction, the last thing in the world she should assume is leadership of this committee. Talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house. But, it would not surprise me, even if she is found guilty, to only receive a reprimand and to be placed in the position of power.

Maxine Waters Off Her Meds and on a Rant

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