Friday, February 10, 2012

Mark Levin On Barack Obama

Mark Levin Hammers Obama on Hannity Show

This isn’t about women. It’s not about contraception. This is about a president of the United States who has no respect for the Constitution, no respect for the First Amendment, and also has no respect for people of faith – and I’m not trying to be controversial, but there’s no balancing involved here.

I didn’t know we were having a problem getting contraceptives in this country. I mean they fund Planned Parenthood who hands out this stuff like candy. So there’s really no problem in this country with access. What he’s trying to do is break down that line between church and state in reverse and it’s contemptible!

Blog author's comments - With Obama it's all about power. As long as he is President he will continue to push his policies and agenda in an attempt to change our country into what he wants it to be.

I don't want to think about what he will do if he manages to win a second term with no worries about re-election. He has got to be removed from the White House this year or the United States may never recover from the devastation he has planned for us.

As for Levin praising Santorum... he is not my first choice to win the GOP nomination. I don't have confidence that he can defeat Obama and that of course should be the main purpose of the 2012 election for the Republican Party.

The U.S. Constitution is being stepped on every day as long as Obama is the president. Yet, the majority of polls show Obama beats every Republican candidate. Are they polling only liberals or is this the new America? No, we cannot afford four more years of Obama.

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